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Neliz is a global pharmaceutical company. We share a passion for innovation, as well as strive in contributing to the building and improving of patients healthcare and well-being, leaving our own positive footprint on society worldwide. Neliz Home, Neliz our focus, Neliz our product, Neliz our quality, Neliz contacts, Neliz is a global Pharmaceutical company, Neliz innovation, Neliz health care, Neliz positive foot print, Neliz quality medications, Neliz delivering high quality, Neliz quality research and innovation, Neliz belief of enrichment to the quality of life, Neliz vision, Neliz culture, Neliz commitment to quality, Neliz Innovation, Integrity, and Accountability, Neliz upholding true to local values, Neliz generic drugs, Neliz team, Neliz drive, goals and quality deliverance, Neliz high standard, Neliz cutting edge technology, Neliz exceeding global standards, Neliz ongoing R&D.

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